How You Can Save Over 30% on Building Your Own Home Without Doing the Physical Work

Students ask me,”Tom, how can you save over 30% when you build your own home without doing the physical work?”

Most builders, like myself, will develop relationships with subs and suppliers over the years. Yes I could get a better price from another plumber but I am going to use my plumber. The same thing is true with my material suppliers.

I had a student that shopped the entire state for bargains. He built a home for $115,000.00 that appraised for over $500,000.00! You can do it too, if you are willing to shop and bargain.

How to build your own home
Builder Fee 10% – 25% *
Selling Commission 3% – 7% **
Doing It Yourself 5% – 10% ***
Total 18% – 42%

* Many builders in the luxury home market earn more than 25%.

** Eighty percent of all homes sold are sold through a real estate broker. When you build your own home, you will not be paying a selling commission.

*** When you build your own home, you can shop for the best subcontractors and materials at the best price.

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