NIHB Founder – Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison, the founder of NIHB, has developed and constructed single-family homes, multifamily dwellings and office parks. He is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and a Graduate of Georgia Tech.
Tom began building in 1975 and spent many years and thousands of dollars learning what doesn’t work. From those lessons came a unique course that has taught thousands how to understand the building process.

Through this course, individuals learn how to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes of building, save or earn money, and feel the pride and satisfaction of creating exactly what they want in a home. His common sense approach is unique. He does not advocate builders doing the physical work themselves. He believes the work is too dangerous and the interest you pay to the bank on borrowed money too high to be spending time doing the physical work. Instead, he teaches his students how to build a quality home and how to shop prices and manage the subs and material.

In a short period of time, this course gives you years of experience without the financial loss.

Tom says, “When I see our students building and enjoying the homes of their dreams or becoming quality professional home builders, I see that my years of struggling have paid off for other people, as well as for myself.”

Now, Tom’s experiences can pay off for you, too.

Tom’s Testimony

In 2004, the NIHB founder, Tom Harrison, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 12 to 18 months to live. Today he is totally cancer free.

Click parts I, II & III to hear his amazing story and testimony of divine healing through his faith in Jesus Christ.