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Pre-Construction Course Outline

  • Where You Need To Look For Land (LESSON-2)
  • How To Find Land or A Lot (LESSON-2)
  • How To Find Who The Land Owner Is (LESSON-2)
  • What To Visually Check At The Property (LESSON-2)
  • What To Ask The Neighbors (LESSON-2)
  • What To Verify With The Local Government Agencies (LESSON-2)
  • What To Verify With The Utility Companies (LESSON-2)
  • Your Contract – To Purchase The Property (LESSON-2)
  • Due Diligence – What To Do After The Contract To Purchase Is Accepted (LESSON-2)
  • Miscellaneous Lot Information (LESSON-2)
  • The Cost Estimate (LESSON-5)
  • Finding The Quantities and Dollar Amounts of Material (LESSON-5)
  • Locating Material Suppliers And Who To Use (LESSON-5)
  • Finding The Quantities and Dollar Amounts of Subcontractors (LESSON-5)
  • How To Find Labor and Subcontractors (LESSON-5)
  • How To Get The Best Price (LESSON-5)
  • Overhead (LESSON-5)
  • The Fudge Factor (LESSON-5)
  • Words of Wisdom About The Cost Estimate (LESSON-6)
  • Cutting Corners to Save Money (LESSON-6)
  • Insurance (LESSON-6)
  • Dealing with Material Suppliers (LESSON-7)
  • How To Deal With Labor and Subcontractors (LESSON-8)
  • Liens and How To Deal With Them (LESSON-8)
  • Items To Handle Before Closing (LESSON-10)
  • Items To Handle Before You Break Ground (LESSON-10)

Construction Course Outline

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